Top 5 tips that help Hong Kong professionals to Work From Home

The concept of “Working From Home” is not common practice at most organisations in Hong Kong. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, enterprise-level organisations, and even the government in Hong Kong and China are encouraging workers to work remotely.

Recently, I have spoken to my Hong Konger friends who worked in conglomerates or other government institutions. And most of them had a lot of frustrations and grudging as the management did not trust them being worked hard without under any monitoring or supervision.

Organisations in Hong kong are recently facing some major challenges since Hong Kongers have little or limited experience in working from home. Hence I believe this will be an opportunity to revolutionize the way local Hong Konger works.

What is Working From Home?

What is working from Home?

Working from home also known as “remote work”, and it is also considered as flexible working options.Countries like Europe, US or other Asia countries had been practice working remotely for decades and many of them proved that it works well since this provides work-life balance and less time to commute to work in daily life.

A study showed that organisations who allow employees to work from home have great benefits as follows:

  • Employees who worked from home are more 14 per cent work more efficient than working in the office;
  • Working from home can cut-down employers commuting time and enhance productivity;
  • More employees choose to work from home can reduce carbon emission and reduce air pollutions (environment-friendly)
  • Employees that work from home shows high job satisfaction while comparing against working at the office.
  • Employees who work from home are ended up being more healthy and taking less time off from work.

Does Work From Home works well in Hong Kong?

The answer is, ‘yes’. Working from Home will definitely work well for Hong Kongers, and it requires some discipline and effort. Here are the tips I would suggest that would improve the ways of working remotely for Hong Kongers:

#1 – Identify the peak productivity period

#1 - Identify the peak productivity period

Individuals and professionals work productively at different times of the day. For example, some people are “early-bird” and they are most productive, stay focused at the morning hours. Others might be more effective in the afternoon or evenings.

Thus, it is very important to identify when you are most productive and build a plan around the peak productivity periods.

#2 – Plan on what are you going to do ahead of time

#2 - Plan on what are you going to do ahead of time

Spending more time to plan on what you are going to do in a day will help in focusing and boost your work productivity.

Although there is a possibility to change your agenda if you need to, it is important to commit to the plan and write out to-do list items before starting any work.

I would recommend others to schedule the day before so that it will make it easier

#3 – Choose a dedicated workspace

#3 - Choose a dedicated workspace

I understood space can be limited at home, especially to Hong Kong. Therefore, I would recommend choosing a space that makes you feel comfortable and less distraction to work. It could be your nearest local cafe, library, or co-working spaces.

#4 – Communicate the expectations with your supervisors or managers

#4 - Communicate the expectations with your supervisors or managers

It is always important to have a close relationship with your supervisor or managers, even you are not physically working at the office. Always communicate the expectations and make sure you are actually performing your role during working hours.

#5 – Communicate as much as possible with other co-workers

#5 - Communicate as much as possible with other co-workers

A lot of people believes that working from home is lonely and boring, in fact, this is not true. You still can have regular meetings, video conversations with your co-workers through Zoom meetings.